Turkish Rug and Carpet Cleaning NYC is a premier carpet cleaning company. Over the past 30 years, we’ve developed our business mainly through word of mouth. Satisfied customers usually recommend us to friea of clients.
At Turkish Rug and Carpet aCleaning NYC we are proud of the quality of our service. We use the most advanced technology to bring your carpet back to its former glory. Add to that our commitment to environmental sustainability. We use only organic, non-toxic cleaning solutions designed to protect your family. That's why New Yorkers are happy with our service. Just check our review!
Turkish Rug and Carpet Cleaning NYC ’s technicians utilize innovative techniques to get your carpets clean. We understand that every carpet is different, and we’re armed with a variety of weapons to deal with that dirt and grime that affected your once-beautiful carpet.
We use the newest carpet cleaning technique to satisfy our clients. If you order a dry cleaning, a minimum of moisture is used, making this method perfect for those humid summer months. Instead, we use quality carpet cleaning products to absorb all of the dust and particles. That means that by the time we leave your home, you’ll be able to walk on your freshly cleaned carpet.
Another of the powerful cleaning options we have for cleaning your carpet is Steam Cleaning. At over 200 degrees, steam is applied to the carpet together with a cleaning solution. In cases of allergy and asthma, steam cleaning is particularly effective in improving your family’s health.
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