Advantages To Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet stains are often unavoidable. Accidents can happen, including dropping a drink, not taking your shoes off and smearing dirt into the carpet, etc. Have you noticed stains on your carpet? It doesn’t matter if it’s from high traffic areas or a spill; getting your carpet clean can make it look like you just installed it. There are several ways to clean carpets. This includes carpet shampooing, dry carpet shampoo in and one of the most powerful steam cleaning. What are the advantages of choosing a professional carpet cleaner that uses steam cleaning technology? Let's take a look.

Removes Bacteria and Allergens

Steam cleaning instantly kills bacteria and removes allergens from the carpet. As water is injected into carpet fibers, it absorbs bacteria and allergens and is quickly sucked back up by way of the steam cleaner. For those that have problems with allergies and respiratory conditions, routine steam cleaning can help keep their environment healthier.

Eliminates Stains

Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to eliminate stains. It can pick up most stains regardless of how long they have been there. This includes wine, chocolate, pet stains, and more. Steam cleaning services can include pretreatment, which can aid in the cleaner’s ability to remove stains altogether.

Eco-Friendly- Fewer or No Chemicals

A steam cleaner may or may not use chemicals to treat an area. In most situations, it will use fewer chemicals than other methods. For example, carpet shampoo and use heavy detergent to break down stains. This is not the best choice for homes as chemicals can cause skin irritations. If you're looking for an eco-friendly method for cleaning your home, specifically the carpets, steam cleaning is the best choice. There is also no odor or smells left behind.

No Sticky Residues

What you'll find with chemicals and shampooers is a sticky residue left. This happens from the products you used and not being all the way cleaned up. A sticky residue is not what you want, especially when it comes to a carpet that should be soft.

Pet Odors?

Do you have pets in your home? Pets often, or sometimes have accidents. While you could clean the surface mess, it's not always enough to eliminate the odor. For pet urine, this can make its way down deep into the carpet fibers. Regular cleaning often isn't enough to get rid of the smell. Steam cleaning can completely eliminate pet odors giving you a better smell in the room.

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