Power washing is not only for homes; it's also used for commercial buildings as well as vehicles such as cars or trucks. You can power wash your car to restore it to its original state after a long winter of neglect or other damage from weather conditions such as ice or snow accumulation. We can provide regular or one-time cleaning, move-out, move-in cleaning, post-construction cleaning, and deep cleaning. We are a local cleaning company that customers can rely on for all their cleaning needs. There are several methods of window washing, such as using a squeegee and a bucket of water mixed with a cleaning solution or using a specialized window cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth. Property Refresh Power Washing and Gutter Cleaning in Chicago, Illinois, provides window washing as one of their services, along with gutter cleaning, power washing, and house cleaning. Contact our team of Power washing in Chicago, if you need professional window washing services in the Chicago area.
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