Reglazing & Electrostatic Painting Services in the Greater Boston Area. Porcelain Patch has been "The Reliable Way to Refinish" bathtubs, wall tiles and more since 1938.
Since 1938, Porcelain Patch & Glaze has prided itself on offering the fquality and cost-efficient reglazing and electrostatic painting services to homeowners, office managers and building managers all over New England.
Reglazing describes the process of repairing and refinishing the surface of residential or commercial items, and replicates the look and feel of new.
Residential and commercial items that can be refinished using the reglazing technique include:

wall tile
shower floors
cabinets and kitchen cabinets
wood furniture
outdoor furniture

Electrostatic Painting Services: Electrostatic Refinishing for Businesses and Homeowners from Porcelain Patch. Electrostatic Painting, also known as Electrostatic Refinishing, is a type of Cost-Effective , environmentally friendly painting that uses static electricity to create a pattern to refinish existing metal surfaces with a factory finish.
Electrostatic spray painting is a method of spraying an environmentally compliant Low VOC Coating onto a metal surface. There is no overspray, reducing the amount of paint needed, and the process complies with all applicable environmental regulations and regulations.
Porcelain Patch & Glaze provides on-site or off-site factory refinishing for virtually all metal surfaces, with results that look and perform like new.
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