The Basics of Magic Mushroom Cultivation
Getting started growing mushrooms is easier than you think. Of course, you can order grow kits to get a taste of cultivation, but if you are more DIY inclined or are thinking about producing larger amounts of shrooms, here are a few key videos to help you get started.

Mushroom Life Cycle
Before diving into cultivation, learning the mushroom life cycle will help you understand how long it takes to grow mushrooms and put the steps of magic mushroom cultivation in perspective.

Fungi are not plants and have unique reproductive cycles; they need different environments and food sources than what we might assume. Fungi are far stranger than we could imagine; with a theory, mushroom spores could have even arrived from space!

Check out this fun introduction from the master growers at Fungi Academy to get a handle on the world of fungal growth and reproduction.https://www.youtube.com/embed/a8_SezuW5Ns?feature=oembed

The Best PF Tek Video for Beginner Mushroom Cultivation
For many aspiring mycologists, PF-Tek is the starting point. PF-Tek was created in the 90s by Robert McPherson, who used the name Psyocybe Fanaticus in the online forum where PF-Tek became popular.

PF-Tek is a tried and tested method for growing magic mushrooms. This video is an excellent walkthrough with clear and concise instruction. If you are a visual learner, this two-part series is a great companion to our guide to PF-Tek.

In the first video, Freshcap Mushrooms walks through preparing growing jars and a simple substrate (which is like the soil mushrooms grow in) for inoculation with mushroom spores. (think planting mushroom “seeds”) The jars are then set aside to allow the mycelium to grow.

In the second video, watch how a fruiting chamber (which is like a greenhouse for mushrooms) is created, and then mushrooms grow and are harvested.

All of this can be built from materials easily purchased from local department stores and garden centers. Freshcap Mushrooms focuses on oyster mushroom cultivation in this series but uses the same PF-Tek technique initially created for growing psychedelic shrooms.

Cheap and Easy Still Air Box for Inoculation
When growing mushrooms, cleanliness and protecting your mushroom babies from contamination are essential every step of the way. This video shows you how to make a still air box to do mycology work in a controlled environment.

Professional mushroom labs invest in expensive equipment to ensure their air is filtered and their labs sterile. This is because the air is filled with billions of microbes, many of which like to grow in the same environments as mushrooms.

When these competing microbes contaminate mushroom growth, it can cause many problems. This is why a cheap and easy still airbox is a popular choice for many amateur mycologists.
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