Harris Park's Momozz Indian Restaurant has established a reputation for being a genuinely distinctive Indian eatery. Since we first opened our doors 18 months ago, foodies have embraced our cutting-edge cuisine, original recipes, and chic setting. Although our unique selection of momos may be our main draw, our menu also has a wide variety of classic Indian and Indo Chinese dishes.
This distinctive street dish, often known as momos, dumplings, or dim sums, has gained popularity not just in India but also in other parts of the world. We provide a delicious selection of momos at Momozz Indian Restaurant, including both vegetarian and meat options, in a magnificent selection of sauces. Prepare to experience momos in a whole new way!
Learn about the distinctive Indo Chinese cuisine, which draws its inspiration from the north-eastern parts of India and has long been a favourite among foodies. You'll like our specialty meals, including Chow Mein, Manchurian Chicken, and chilli chicken. Nearly Chinese, but also little Indian!
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