Before starting Granite Networks Indy, I previously worked for a Granite Company for 4+years. In that time I learner the Ins and Outs of the Business.
In that 4 years, I averaged a little over 1 Million dollars in Sales. I only tell you that because I really took pride in making sure my customers picked out the Perfect Stone for there kitchen and Guided them through the Process Start to Finish.
I left there when the company decided to make a lot of bad decisions and the quality of product went down and basically running it into the ground.
At that time I decided to pursue other sales opportunities but eventually came back to the Granite Industry. After a short time with another company I decided to go out on my own.
I started GNI because I feel some companies over promise and under delivered so I handpicked 4 Excellent Fabricators based on 2 factors!
1They do a Great/Quality Job
2They Price Fairly!
Because of these 2 Factors, my Experience of Attention to details, you are Guaranteed an Amazing Experience, Quality Job and the Best Price in Town!
We Look Forward to Working with your Family!
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