Planning a luxury vacation on your own is not an easy task. Or the accommodation won’t be as good as it looks online. Or that the destination and your experience won’t live up to the Instagram photos you’ve seen. That was somebody else’s vacation after all… Worse yet, your concerns carry over into your much-needed time away, hijacking special moments you were supposed to have with family or friends. You want immersive, authentic experiences but might end up at the tourist treadmill. You don’t want to book the wrong hotel and end up with poor service and accommodation. You want to focus less on the details and more on the people traveling with you. You don’t want a cookie-cutter vacation but you don’t know where to find safe, yet exceptional spots to visit. Our Cerulean Hotel Desk is a resource for clients to make hotel reservations for simple trips — when you know where you want to stay, and the expertise of our Travel Advisor team isn’t needed. If detailed trip design, hotel consulting, concierge services, logistics support, or destination insight is needed, then working with one of our team of Travel Advisors will ensure the best experience.
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