The Old Way
Imagine you walk into a nice restaurant. First, the host seats you. Then…they take your order, fill your water glass, cook the meal, bus your plates, and wash the dishes – all by themselves. How do you think that meal would taste?

This is how the real estate industry has served home buyers and sellers for decades. Traditional brokerages recruit thousands of independent contractors and provide almost no supervision. The result? Thousands of Realtors overwhelmed from trying to do it all – marketing, sales, and guiding their clients through increasingly complex transactions. This leads to inconsistent results, bad decisions, and sloppy communication.

The Center Coast Way
At Center Coast Realty, we’ve embraced the concept of teamwork. When you hire us, you hire a full team of Realtors, project managers and marketing experts. Our team receives a full salary and benefits, and we pay them a commission based on your satisfaction. This way, our Realtors get to focus solely on helping their clients, and not finding their next deal.

Home shoppers get a low-pressure, modern approach to home buying. Sellers get a sophisticated marketing and sales team dedicated to selling their home quickly and for more. Everyone wins.
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