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Paulina Porizkova wants everybody to know that when she stripped down for her nude Paulina Porizkova Vogue Cover, 40 years after she first graced the cover of the magazine, absolutely no Photoshop was involved.

The model gladly showed the world just how to fit she looks at 56 years old, posing in nothing more than a sheer dark bodysuit for the cover, leaving very little to the imagination.

While many individuals assumed the magazine used photo editing or filters to upgrade Porizkova's appearance, the star uncovered that the image hadn't been retouched by any means.

"As soon as it emerged, Twitter was like, 'Indeed, fine, retouch [the photos] and afterward sure, they'll look fine,'" Porizkova told Page Six. "It's unretouched."

"Precisely 40 years after my absolute first (German) Vogue cover at sixteen years old, here is another one.

Full frontal nude, at 56, on Paulina Porizkova Vogue Cover CZ," she composed under the cover as she shared it with her Instagram followers.

"I'd truly prefer to thank the brave folks at Vogue CZ (editor-in-chief @andreabehounkova and creative director @kralicek) for daring to do this - however most of all the incredible group behind this photo shoot," she continued.

"It's Marie Tomanova's @marietomanova first Vogue cover-so ...I can hardly hold on to share the inside pages as well, this was one of the best time and perky photo shoots I have done possibly in my life."

She proceeded to send a message to any individual who seriously hates her posing nude, writing: "For you peeps who dislike the absence of coverup-you can peruse the pages completely dressed.

Paulina Porizkova Vogue Cover proceeded to post more photos from the magazine, admitting just how self-conscious she's always been about her legs.

Fortunately, she's learned to embrace everything about herself, even the assets she hasn't always adored.

"For my entire modeling life, I've been dubiously ashamed of my legs. Of course, it was always pointed out to me that my legs were somewhat flawed," she composed.

"Seraph knees (if you focus on just the knee cap, you can see a seraph face) instead of the socially required hard ones, the thighs somewhat wider than hips, (looks horrible in shorts!) and the length not especially advantageous whenever compared to the length of my torso."

Paulina continued, "See, this happens when you're a model. Each particle of you is dissected and held up for inspection and compared with others.

Of course, you start doing it yourself. Your occupation depends on it. What's more, of course, you'll always miss the mark."

Finally, she continued toward accepting her legs, being grateful for the limbs that make so much possible.

"It took me the whole way to 56 to acknowledge my legs," she closed. "I couldn't say I like them-just acknowledge them as mine and be content with how they work.

 And afterward, I see a photo of myself like these from @marietomanova in the issue of @vogueczechoslovakia, and think, damn."

"What in blazes am I thinking?" she asked. "My legs check out."


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