DHAKA (JUNE 19, 2020) - The young and multi-talented Singer & Songwriter Susmita Biswas Sathi has risen as the new star of the business world of Bangladesh. Renowned song writer, proficient and popular singer and an international architect, Susmita has scaled heights very few women in the world have achieved.

A songwriter, singer, painter and architect, Susmita has taken everyone by surprise with such massive achievements at such a young age. Director of Mirage Group operating primarily out of Bangladesh with offices in China, her group of companies manufacture and design a host of articles right from building materials to consumer goods. Guangzhou Mirage International Design Consultant Company Limited is her concern in China.

"I honestly never thought I'd be counted as one of the most successful businesspeople of Bangladesh, especially at such a young age. But I knew my company Mirage would one day make a mark in the history of my country. Mirage Group has been serving for architectural consultancy all kinds of exterior and interior building materials, branded products, all types of consumer goods like electronics, toy cars & bikes, home appliances, home decor, mobile phones and laptops, chemicals, doors & windows, tiles & flooring, wallpapers, all types of boards, scratch proof acrylics mdf, workstation, readymade garments, fashion clothing, shoes, sportswear, cosmetics, Kitchenware, dining, sauna, Jacuzzi, bathtub, steam sauna combo, pool, all kinds of unique and common light supplies, toilet & bath supplies including shower screens, shower panel & all kinds of buildings hardware, tools & accessories. I hope people keep trusting us and showering us with their love", said Susmita in an interview.

Mirage was first founded in 2012.Now Mirage group has four sister concerns named 'Guangzhou Mirage International Design Consultant Company Limited', 'Studio Mirage', 'Mirage Architects' and 'Chemics Lab LTD.'. Susmita Biswas Sathi's architecture has its mark all over the world.

Susmita Biswas Sathi is an exemplary businesswoman from Bangladesh specializing in architecture design and a host of other things like songs and music production.

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